Organize Your PC in 3 Easy Steps

Organize Your PC in 3 Easy Steps

Keeping your computer organized is easy, but hard to routinely do. As a 20 year computer user, I will teach you how to organize your PC in 3 easy steps. These are tips and tricks I’ve picked up as I’ve used PC’s throughout my life.

We are programmed, as the human species, to organize things in your mind. We categorize everything by definition, class, and appearance. If you were to identify and classify a chair, you would analyze the material its made of, the size of it and finally, the color. Is it leather or woven wicker? Is it cushioned or not? Is it patio furniture or living room furniture?

You see, there are many things to consider about everything in the world, which is one of the reasons we’re the most intelligent species on earth. And for those of us who spend literally all day on the computer, the desktop becomes our bedrooms and the unnamed files on the desktop becomes the clothes scattered all over. Man, I went deep with this one.

So Where Do You Start?

Lets start with your desktop (the main screen, aka, the background, aka, compare your screen to the image above), How does it look? Are there a thousand documents, images and files everywhere? Or is it quaint? For those of you who answered “quaint,” I’ll get to you in a minute. For those of you who have a messy “bedroom,” follow the 4 steps below and we’ll be on our way to a healthier PC lifestyle:

  1. Create 3 new folders on your desktop
  2. Name the first one “Important”
  3. Name the second one “Videos-Images”
  4. Name the last one “Documents”

Okay, perfect. The next part is pretty self-explanatory, so I’m not going to make a whole step out f it, just drag all of your videos and images to the “Videos-Images” folder. I always start with the images and videos because they are the easiest to immediately recognize. You can simply drag and drop them into the folder.

Do the same thing, filling up the rest of the folders. This is step one before even getting into the three steps of organizing your personal computer.

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