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Everything You Need to Establish a Remarkable Online Presence

From simple business cards to intricate, full-featured eCommerce websites, we will build your company an image that will put your competitors on the edge. Creating a website is only half the battle, content is king in this game. It all starts with a story that will have your visitors captivated. Whether you’re in retail or service, the end game is to make sales. The content has to be as strong as the brand, and it has to be convincing. Think of your website as an employee, not a bad investment if you think about it. A website is like an online salesman with all the answers to your business. Firsthand Designs will draw a custom blueprint made specifically for your business.
We make web designs that could compete with Fortune 500 company websites. We look into your industry and see what your competitors are doing and how they look and we will blend you right in. We use the best designs as inspiration and implement those UI/UX designs into your website. We calculate every pixel to deliver the best designs for you. We prefer to work closely with business owners to get a real sense of what they want, but if that’s not possible, you can leave it to us. We have experienced copy writers who will write SEO friendly content for your website so you can rank on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
We will never leave you stranded. We will assign a dedicated designer to your account so everything you ask will be done in less than one day. We respond fast and fix bugs faster. There is nothing worse than putting a business on hold because of a technical problem. We will train you on how to use the CMS (content management system) so you can easily edit the content on your website. Firsthand Designs will train you until you understand it perfectly. This is included in every package.
If you have a unique business, we can provide you with a special quote to fit your needs. We never charge for extra work. We believe in efficiency, Many agencies have extra fees for extra work that doesn’t make sense. We keep you up to date on every part of the project from planning to development to providing you with monthly revenue and traffic reports so we can analyze what works and what doesn’t. We will squeeze as much return as possible out of every dollar you spend with us.

We Build Websites That Bring Results

The Content

This is the most important part of your website. How are you communicating with your potential clients? Are you saying the right things to hold their attention? This is why they say “content is king.” This means what attracts customers the most is what you have to say.

The Design

You wouldn’t go into a business meeting without looking your best, would you? Your website represents your brand. If you have a poorly designed website, that is exactly how people are perceiving your business, poorly. Let Firsthand Designs help you improve your business image. Packages start at just $99!

The Development

At Firsthand Designs, we pay particular attention to development trends that we implement into our clients’ websites. The key is to fit in where it matters, in this case, its a combination of your competition and the demand of your customers. We organize your website so well, that you won’t need to know code to edit the content.

The Training

We’ll never leave you stranded with a high-end website without the fundamental know-how’s. We will walk you through every inch of the back-end of your website until you are comfortable to let us go. We work side by side with our clients to achieve the best results, so you’ll be there through the entire process. We also have amazing customer support.

Some of Our Clients

FHD is the way to go. They are very professional and do phenomenal work for a reasonable price. Great customer service as well as helping your business make a statement on the web.CEO of Bank Tribe
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